Black Hills Roofing

The roof of your house is very important, a quality roofing installation will protect against extreme temperatures and weather conditions. But you also want your roof to look great and have a good contrast to the siding. You want a material that goes well with the shape of your roof, we can help!

Hail Damage

Anyone’s roof is at risk for hail damage living in the Black Hills – so it’s important to know you always have someone to go to in case the worst happens to yours! We specialize in storm and hail roofing repairs at Midwest Home Improvement and work with most major insurance companies to ensure that the claim and roofing repair process is stress-free.

Hail Damage Information

Roof Repair

Roofing Shingle Samples

When your roof is damaged, it’s best not to wait to get it fixed since waiting can cause more damage over time, costing you more money in the long run – even risking complete roof replacement! Plus, insurance costs can also rise if you procrastinate. At Midwest Home Improvement, we will make sure to get it done right the first time so you can rest easy knowing that not only you saved money, but that your roof is healthy and safe.

New Roofing

roofing repair

There’s a point where your roof is beyond just simple repairing and needs to be completely replaced – this includes major storm damage, which can happen frequently in the Black Hills. And even if your roof hasn’t sustained a heavy amount of damage, if it’s looking worn or if it’s been a while since it has been replaced – it’s good to invest in since it can retain or increase the resale value! Who doesn’t love extra cash when it’s time to sell your home?

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